Monday, June 18, 2012

Loser Machine

Went to the Loser Machine Sample Sale last Friday mornin'.  Good times, good people, good clothes.  Pretty funny, when I got there I saw a ton of people walking out with bags and bags of clothes and I thought, "Holy crap, there are a ton of people here.  Am I gonna have to wait in line to get in?!?"  I turned a corner and there I saw it, a ton of people waiting in a line as long as Splash Mountains' at Disneyland.  I thought, "Seriously, who knew?"  But then I soon realized, oh wait, seems Obey is having their sample sale at the same time and the same place and that long ole line if for them.  I looked to the right and there in all its glory was the Loser Machine sample sale.  I am happy to report, I walked right in.  Even bought myself a tank top.  On my way out I chatted with the Born Free peeps.  Ah yes, Good Times!


  1. I mean are you just the coolest guy around or what?

  2. Well, if pee-ing your pants is cool, call me Miles Davis.