Sunday, April 22, 2012

Front End Electrical

So first things first, I had to disconnect all the front end electronics going to the control pods on the handlebars.  They are routed eternally and then they go into the headlight bucket and connect to the deutcsh connectors there.  So I opened up the headlight and disconnected the wires there first.  Then I pulled them out of the bucket and disconnected them from the bars.  The clutch side was easy, but removing the throttle side is a bit trickier because in preparation for the new bars I have to remove the throttle as well...

See the throttle housing and the control pod are one and the same so removing the pod means removing the throttle so I opened it up

Removed the cables (was sure not to lose the brass ferrule on each one)

And off comes the throttle sleeve.  As you can see I had to use the headstock of my bass as a make shift holder for the master cylinder/front brake

Taped off what was what so I would remember

Then I removed the bars and we are ready to begin drilling out the holes on the bars to ready them for internally wiring.

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