Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Took Off the Signals

So now that I have my manual I decided to clean things up a bit.  I wanted to keep my hand controls because if (and when) Johnny Law pulls me over for not havin signals, I just want to go home, hook up the old ones, drive over to the CHP and get them to sign off on the fix it ticket and pay my $25, and take them off again.  So I decided to unhook the signals wires from the Deutsch connectors.

Bought this stuff from the hardware store

Took off the seat to get to the wires and connectors

Unscrewed the rear signal from the back fender

Located the Deutcsh connector or the rear signals (found it from my manual)

Unplugged wires had to open connector and then released the pin

Routed out the wires and out comes the signal all in one piece

 Did the same for the right side one

Now on to the front, unscrewed the signal from the handlebar controls

Opened up the head light bucket and found the front connectors

Located where the wires connected via das manual

Opened it up and disconnected by releasing the pins

Routed it out from behind the headlight and off it came!

Oh yes!  I now had open holes that needed to be covered so I covered them with a small piece of electrical tape so's not to compromise the integrity of the connector.

And there they all are

Put the head light back together

And BOOM, no more ugly signals hanging down from the bars

or from the rear (it looks dirty cause there is a coat of wax on there) and I put the chrome bolts in

That's what I did today...got some stuff on order should come later this week...handlebars, grips, and a new speedo housing.  Weather is getting hotter and I wanna get this stuff done.  Also thinking about custom painting my helmet.....it's not so hard (famous last words).

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