Monday, May 7, 2012

Goodbye Tach...

With the bars all done I wanted to try and clean up the front by getting rid of the tach and running just a speedo.  I looked around and ended up posting a WTB ad on chopcult and with in a couple hours I bought a single speedo housing from a member in MO.  So when it finally arrived, I was down in the garage with the manual getting to work.

So here is the single speedo housing from CC member

Should look good

Detached eyebrow and speedo/tach housing

Removed backing from tach to unhook wires from tach to deutsch connector under eyebrow.  You have to remove the wires otherwise you cannot remove tach from housing because the wires go through the housing.

Here is the 12 point connector that lives under the eyebrow

I had to follow the wires back to know which ones to disconnect, but then I noticed there was a black ground wire that splits and one part goes to the tach and the other to the speedo so I had to cut that wire.  Now, I am not in the habit of cutting wires but in this case, I had no choice.

After the black ground wire was cut, the tach came off pretty easily.  Here it is all disassembled and off the mount!

Then to keep things clean, I put it all back together and reassembled it.  And tah-dah!!!  Tach is off and easy enough.

Now onto the speedo....

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