Thursday, May 3, 2012

Internally Wiring the Bars Pt. 2

So when I left it last time, I had finally had some late night success so the next morning it was back to work.  I still had the throttle side to deal with, wiring, master cylinder and throttle.

This time things went so much easier because of what I learned the previous night.  So right off the bat I cut off the wire cover.

This way the wire covering won't bunch up in the 90 degree bend

Tied up the guitar string around the bundle of wires.  This time I knew to divide the wires in to bundles of 3 wires.

And this time, super simple, out comes the wires not as big of a deal this time round

It was at this point that Christa Jayne brought me some delicious breakfast.  I was so surprised and stoked!!!!!  It seriously made my morning!  Two eggs sunny side up on toast, too good!!!

 As soon as I was done with breakfast I wired up the other 3 wire bundle and slide the wrap over and just like that the bars are internally wired!!!!!!!

Now I mocked up the bars in the bike just to check it out

Now that the bars are mocked up it was time to wire everything back up to make sure it works

Then was the moment of truth, I turned the key and pressed the started button....she fired right up!!!!!  I checked all the electronics and everything seemed good except the hi/low beam.  After wiring the first time I accidentally mis-wired the hi low beam of the head light but that was a quick and easy rewire.  From there as you can see, thumbs up..all was good in the proverbial hood.

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