Friday, May 4, 2012

Internally Wiring the Bars Pt. 3-Gripped It & Ripped It

With the bars internally wired and all the electrical done up it was time to mount the bars, put the throttle back on, attach the throttle cables and then put the white grips on.

With the bars mounted and the control pods up I reattached the throttle cables

Here it is almost done.  Here is just a note about the grips:  The left side grip was super easy to slide on, no prob at all.  However, the throttle grip was not so easy....

In order to get the new grip on the throttle, I had to roll off the old grip...not so bad, but then I could only get the grip half way on.  So here is the tip:  Go get some rubbing alcohol and rinse the inside of the grip with the rubbing alcohol, the shoot the smallest drip of WD-40 in with it, then slide that bad mofo on the throttle sleeve and let it dry, when it does, that bad boy will not be coming off.

With the new grips on I whipped up an oil/graphite concoction under the throttle sleeve to keep that throttle all lubed up.  Then it was throttle cable adjustment time.  Easy breezy.  Got that snap back going real good.

Here it is all done...

Now onto the speedo and tach....

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