Thursday, May 17, 2012

That Stupid Horn

After the front fender was off, I was pretty hot to trot and wanted to get that stupid horn off of there.  That thing had been an eye sore to me almost as much as that screaming eagle air cleaner is (but that is for another day), so with full wind in my sail and the manual at the ready, I took that horn right off.

There it is just staring me in the face

Did a little disconnecting

Did some unscrewing and off came the horn

Relocated the choke.  This is actually a pretty good place for it for now.  I like it.  It will be a good spot till one day I relocate the coil and then I will move it over to the carb top with a bracket, but for now, it's coo baby.

Soooooo much nice with out the chrome horn

I had to do a little jimmy rigging with the wires.  It was too much trouble to take them completely out and I figured this would be a better solution that just cutting them.  So I taped them up and then zip tied them inside the bracket.  Out of the way and works great!

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